APROFAM is a non-profit and private institution legally founded in 1964. Its objective is to provide quality, gender-equity, and comprehensive health services prioritizing on sexual & reproductive health. It offers diversified services that enable cost recovery and cross-subsidy for family planning, serving the poor across the country.

With financial assistance from national & international donors, and funding from patient payments for services received at affordable prices, it is possible to deliver top assistance in different capacities (health education, family planning, sexual & reproductive health) to adolescents, youth, men, and women in rural, urban, suburban, and Mayan areas.


We provide comprehensive health services for the wellbeing of people.


Be national leaders in providing top and socially-relevant comprehensive services.

Institutional Goals

  • Strengthen the wellbeing of Guatemalan families through education, product distribution, and comprehensive health services (especially Maternal & Child Health, Sexual & Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS/STDs, and Family Planning), emphasizing on condition betterment for women, to help improve life quality for all.
  • Encourage, promote, and reinforce the basic right for all segments of the Guatemalan population to decide freely not only about their own sexual & reproductive health, but also the means to enable them exercise such right. Contraceptive information & services will be offered strictly on voluntary acceptance and informed consent.
  • Organize and train human resource in the fields of Education, Sexual & Reproductive Health, and Family Planning to expand these services throughout the country, particularly to groups with inadequate access to such due to geographic location or lack of financial resources.
  • Ensure easy access to information regarding Sexual Orientation, Education, and Family Planning Services, agreeing to respect the right different segments of the population have to make voluntary and informed decisions about program options or services available. There will be no program restriction, and necessary measures will be taken to prevent any form of program coercion.

Institutional Values

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Service
  • Solidarity
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality