This unit has a portfolio of diagnostic imaging services such as ultrasound, x-rays, bone densitometry, mammography, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


This service offers digital imaging allowing the doctor to inquire soon if organs, tissues, or your baby are fine. Prior patient preparation is required. Hence, check with your doctor or lab for instructions.


This service is available at Central Clinic & Hospital in Zona 1, Zacapa Clinic, and Jutiapa Clinic. All types of X-Rays are performed (thorax, abdomen, bones). Some X-Rays require prior patient preparation. Please, ask your doctor for instructions.

Bone Densitometry

The Central Hospital has the most modern equipment to perform complete bone densitometry. This exam helps determine bone aging and deterioration. The test result supports the doctor in diagnosing and monitoring development of osteoporosis.


This diagnostic imaging study is frequently used by orthopedic surgeons to determine diagnosis and treatment of muscle & tendon injuries.


This radiological study is available at Coatepeque Clinic, Zacapa Clinic, Jutiapa Clinic, and Central Hospital to detect any abnormal growth in women breast tissue.

Tests of Fetal Wellbeing

This is a noninvasive method used by doctors to assess heart rate, fetal movements, and uterine activity of the mother; determine if the baby is not suffering; and decide on necessary course of action during pregnancy and childbirth.