What we do at Social Impact

APROFAM Social Impact Programs and Projects aim to provide quality, gender-equity, and comprehensive health services prioritizing on sexual and reproductive health for many poor Guatemalan families throughout the country.

Every time a person visits one of our clinics, a percentage of the value paid for services and/or products funds our Social Programs and Projects. Also, we have the valuable contribution of individuals and organizations, helping us deliver services throughout Guatemala.

The developmental scope of our Social Programs and Projects are divided into two main strategies considering cultural traits and geographical conditions of the population:

Strategic Communication

We use alternative means to spread Information, Education, and Training (IET) and share knowledge for couples of reproductive age, families, adolescents, and youth. Personal, confidential counseling is provided through face-to- face home visits and educational lectures.

Health Service Delivery

Comprehensive health services are provided with emphasis on sexual & reproductive health, temporary/permanent contraceptive methods, and nutrition basics.

APROFAM uses the following platforms for the development of both strategies:

  • APROFAM Clinics & Hospitals
  •  Community Leaders Network – Volunteer Promoters
  • Youth Multipliers
  • Mobile Health Units (Medical Outreaches)